As a top Norfolk business coach, Mark uses the following principles:

Get results:

resultsYou’re only going to invest in coaching if it delivers results that justify the investment. Mark will help you identify your goals and then coach you to achieve them. Most business owners start to see tangible benefits of coaching within a few months. Mark places a strong emphasis on tracking progress towards and achievement of goals. Your success is his number one goal. To learn about our results guarantee click here. To see the impact we’ve had with other clients, follow this link….


Be a coach, confidante and friend:

communicationRunning a business can be lonely and sometimes overwhelming. Mark’s approach is based on open communication, mutual respect and delivering on commitments. You will be able to discuss all aspects of the business without judgement giving you clarity, focus and a clear plan of action. Mutual trust and the ability to get along with each other is key to what is often a fruitful long-term partnership.


Make business fun:

make business funBusiness should be rewarding and enjoyable, so Mark will remind you to celebrate successes (even the small ones). The ultimate goal is to make more money, have more time and have a business that can work without you. It won’t happen overnight but if you’re learning and having fun on the way the journey will be as enjoyable as the destination.



At the outset, Mark will establish what you’re looking to achieve and assess your company’s growth potential (it’s often greater than you think!). Together, you will identify the programme that suits you best, based on your capacity to grow, your investment budget and how quickly you want to progress. You will work together to set goals and work out a practical plan to get you there, drawing on hundreds of proven strategies and techniques.

Your programme will be guided by the plan, so we stay focused and keep progressing towards your goals. As you hit goals, you will celebrate your achievements and then set more goals, each with a little bit of stretch to keep improving all aspects of the business. The speed of your progress will depend largely on the regularity of meetings and your commitment to implement the action plan. The more clients implement their actions between sessions, the faster they progress towards their goals.